The Quinn Clan… and Friends

If you follow me on Twitter at @Quinny_Imp, you probably found many of my comments to my SWTOR screenshots confusing. Here’s “Who is who” of my headcanon with short bios.


Hatinn and Cytharan


The Quinn family are my beloved characters (and a companion) plus their friends. There are many stories behind them, connecting them with each other, adding more depth to the existing game content. For me they have lives, and clearly defined personalities.


Beside the biographies of my main characters, you can also find here my fan fiction. You can access any story by clicking its title in the “Stories” menu on the right side. The names in brackets indicate who is the major character(s) in a given story. They are in a roughly chronological order.

You can also access my stories over here.


And finally my doodles, for better or worse. Same as with stories, next to their titles I added in brackets info who is in the pictures.

Another place to explore my doodles (also not related to my characters) is here.