Attira’s earliest memory is her parents walking away while she was screaming in fear, and calling them not to leave her, held in place by two strangers. She was six years old. It was a hot day on Korriban.

The strangers became her trainers for years to come. They taught her a lot of what it meant to be a Sith. They gave her first lessons how to use her power, and what it meant to have it. When she was old enough to enter the Sith Academy, she had already had a fairly thorough training behind her.

She would be another typical, backstabbing Sith, caring only about herself, and her own personal glory, if she’d never met Malavai Quinn. He taught her there was something bigger than herself, something immortal that, unlike her, would last for centuries. His influence turned her into a Sith who wanted to serve her Empire, and who understood being Sith came with responsibilities no one else in the Empire could bear. If not him, she’d never be called to help deal with the Revanites, and she would never end up as a leader of the Alliance. Not for the lack of abilities and power, but because she wouldn’t care to be involved.

A Cyborg with an ocular implant that scans biological functions of the target. She also has several internal implants. Her ocular implant requires periodic calibration, which is performed by her husband.

Hates her parents for abandoning her.

Loves purple colour.
Marauder, DPS
Harbinger / The Red Eclipse (as Atti Quinn, Attira & Attira Quinn)


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