“Destruction” (Attira, Malavai)

Note: The ficlet was inspired by the Ziost Arc.

Note #2: Attira is my Sith Warrior, she married Malavai Quinn.


They shuttled down to check it for themselves. Attira left the vehicle and walked forward, looking around at the ashes and destruction only after a moment noticing Malavai wasn’t following her. She stopped and turned to see him standing there with his hand covering his mouth and his almond eyes open wide and glistening with tears.

She walked back to him and squeezed his other hand. His eyes, until now scanning his surroundings, turned to her.

“Promise me,” he whispered, “that you’ll find a way to destroy him. For this, and before he does it again.”

She couldn’t make it a promise. She’d never break a promise that she’d given him, and she couldn’t guarantee she’d be able to keep it.

“I’ll try,” she replied softly. And she definitely would.

Little they knew that she would destroy him… at the high price of five-year separation they’d have to suffer.

“I’m ashamed I once served him,” she said, looking around.

“We all did.”

“You didn’t,” she looked at him. “You knew long ago he never cared for us, and that we were better off without him.”

He watched her for a moment, eventually accepting her words. She didn’t accuse him, she only admitted his past choice not to trust her then-absent master did not matter any more.

They walked forward, documenting in detail the crime the former emperor committed on the Sith Empire’s body.

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