Herneth grew up as a slave. She doesn’t know her roots or family. Brutality she had had to suffer made her cautious, timid, distrustful, and always trying to please whoever she’s talking to.

When her powers had been discovered, and she was sent to the Sith Academy, she didn’t consider it a good thing. The last thing she wanted to be was a Sith, but between two evils she preferred not to be a slave any longer.

She was not happy with her fate until she found unexplored chambers in Naga Sadow tomb. Fascinated by ancient cultural artifacts, she thought that perhaps there was some beauty in Sith culture she could explore, and dedicate herself to.

Her studies of certain subjects in the Academy library drew attention of Darth Nox (Nayel). He took her as his apprentice. At first it terrified her, because she knew his reputation as a cruel and unforgiving Lord, but her worries were somewhat put to rest when he showed her respect, and never used the word almost everyone did when addressing her: “slave”. Later she learnt he used to be one, too.

Still more interested in Sith cultural heritage and history than carnage, gentle by nature, doing what’s necessary to survive as a Sith, Herneth lacks typical Sith arrogance, but is aware she must often fake it.
Assassin, DPS
The Red Eclipse

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