“Life Journey” (Nayel, Attira)

Note: The story takes place during Chapter 9 of KOTET.

Note #2: Nayel (Inquisitor) worked for and supported Attira in the Alliance. He’s Malavai’s cousin.

Note #3: The story takes place almost immediately after this one.

Her nightmare — not the first one the former Sith emperor served her, but the last — was over.

Attira looked at the throne. She never wanted it, and still didn’t intend to take it. She felt everyone’s eyes on her. She looked at Nayel. As powerful as she was, her equal, and yet he’d agreed to follow her, and help her in this struggle. Still considering himself a member of the Dark Council, born to rule.

She stepped aside, still looking at him. For a second he didn’t seem to understand, frowning slightly and inclining his head to a side while looking at her, but then it dawned on him. His eyes opened a bit wider.

She looked at the throne again, then again at him with an encouraging nod toward the seat.

His famous loop-sided grin brightened his face. “You sure?” he asked. His eyes shone bright red with excitement.

“You wanted to own Iokath. I didn’t. You wanted to conquer Zakuul. I just wanted it destroyed for revenge. It suits you better. I never wanted it in the first place. You were born for it.”

He slowly motioned toward it.

“No,” sounded Lana’s dramatic whisper.

Nayel’s smile widened.

“Vitiate should be gone, but if he tries to steal your body now —”

“I’ll eat him,” Nayel cut in.

“Don’t get indigestion,” she smiled.

He made himself comfortable, and nothing happened.

“You can’t do this!” Lana protested.

“Watch me,” Attira grumbled, walking down the steps.

“But —”

“Scared he’ll finally kill you for your disobedience?” Attira mocked her.

Beniko silenced. Attira couldn’t tell if the failed Sith was more angry or scared. Perhaps a little bit of both.

From a slave to a Dark Council member to an emperor.

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