Milivai Quinn

Malavai Quinn’s younger brother. Mili was nine years old when their mother died in the line of duty (their father, Colonel Rymar Quinn, had been KIA earlier). He was practically raised through his teens years by eleven years older Malavai. Less shy and awkward, and less uncomfortable among other people, Mili shows better social skills than his brother. Although appearing less gentle than his brother at the first sight, he is in fact a lot more benign, and a lot less prone to cruelty in the name of the Empire.

Working in Intelligence, he chose his career path differently than the military-oriented Quinn family, but still faithfully serving the Empire.

After a few failed romances with colleagues, and being left by them, Mili has problems trusting women who show any romantic interest in him. He still believes in true love, though, seeing the relationship of his brother’s with a Sith Warrior.

The youngest among four male members of the Quinn clan.
Operative, DPS / Healer
Harbinger (DPS/DvL event) / The Red Eclipse (Healer)

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