Narell Quinn

Narell is Nayel’s older brother. A young teenager when he was sold by his father, he ran away from his “owners” merely three months later. He managed to stow away on a merchant ship to get away from the planet, and was never caught back.

Living a life of a scoundrel, he was eventually caught for petty crimes by Imperial forces. Thanks to his talents and contacts, as well as Imperial background, he was recruited by the Imperial Intelligence.

For the last ten years Narell has been in employment of the Intelligence as a deep-cover saboteur. He has no idea that Dark Council’s Darth Nox is his younger brother.

Like his brother, he’s a ladies’ man and a charmer, but also can be quite unscrupulous when he wants to achieve a certain goal or execute a direct order from the Imperial Intelligence.
Gunslinger, DPS
The Red Eclipse

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