Nayel Quinn

Malavai Quinn’s and Nayel’s fathers were twin brothers. Nayel’s father, breaking with the family tradition, refused to join the Imperial Navy. He wanted to be rich, and fast! A combination of greed and poor decisions led him to serious debts, so in order to quickly get money to survive the trouble, he sold his three children into slavery.

Nayel was the youngest one. He grew up in the kitchen, learning all there was about the art of cooking. He was freed, and sent to the Sith Academy after the authorities had learnt of his Force powers.

When powerful enough, and not forced to worry about his safety, he decided to find his real family. He found Malavai and Mili Quinns, the only living relatives he was able to track.

It is unclear whether the other side of the family did not want to buy the children back (the “black sheep brother” had been disowned) or they were not able to track them to save them. Malavai was too young to understand all the details at that time, and no other relative who could know is still alive.
Nayel helped a lot with Nil’awr’s early Force training after the boy’s mother disappearance.

A heartbreaker, a charmer, never staying in one relationship for long. Also with great capacity of cruelty. As a result of his parent-less childhood as a slave, he considers family the greatest good, and is ready to defend his at all cost.

In the Dark Council known as Darth Nox.
Sorcerer, Healer
The Red Eclipse

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