Nil’awr Quinn

Attira and Malavai’s son. Born after dealing with the Revanites on Manaan but before his parents’ arrival on Rishi, at early age showed signs of sharing the gift of the Force with his mother. Very much like his mother but with respect for non-Force users, especially military forces of the Empire. His comparably (with other Sith) gentle demeanour is very misleading, as Nil’awr is drawn to the Dark Side, and spares no enemies.

Barely one-year-old when his mother disappeared, raised in his earliest years by his father with the help of uncles Mili and Nayel, and “auntie” Thanishar. He was reunited with his mother when he was six.

Due to an incident in his childhood involving a Jedi, he hates them. He doesn’t remember much from the incident but it left a deep scar on his soul. No Jedi survives an encounter with him.

As a child he also reacted strongly to some Force users. No one understood why he said they “felt wrong”. It scared him. When he was six, after many encounters that provided more data, it was observed he senses which side of the Force a user wields. “Wrong” meant he was used to his Dark Side family, and dealt little with the Light Side, so found it unusual and unnatural — wrong. Once it was understood, and explained to him, it stopped scarying him.
Juggernaught, Tank
The Red Eclipse

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