“Not Alone” (Attira, Nayel)

Note: The story takes place during Chapter 9 of KOTET.

Note #2: Nayel (Inquisitor) worked for and supported Attira in the Alliance. He’s Malavai’s cousin.

Running around dark steps of her consciousness, Attira could feel a presence she didn’t understand. Sometimes it felt like one, sometimes it felt like many. It pushed her, pressed on her, didn’t let go. Another trick Valkorion played on her to keep her trapped? It didn’t seem so. The pressure she felt wasn’t oppressive but encouraging; it made her go on instead of giving up.

She made another step forward to see she had to fight more than just Valkorion’s form. He brought his twisted kids with him. Even in death, they were just about to cause trouble.

She felt a sudden wave of strength, filling her. A surge of power the source of which she could not understand or locate. There was nothing here but herself, and her nemesis.

The surge spread, and divided into five to be combined again into even more powerful boost.

Now she recognised it. She felt it many times when he was near.


Experienced in dealing with Force ghosts, and a student of ancient rituals, if anyone understood what was happening, it could only be him.

His presence made her feel calmer, composed. He fueled her resistance with his power, sometimes fragmented into five parts, each of them giving her a different impression.

She motioned forward, walking up the steps, ready to prove that there was no such thing as immortal.

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