“SwtorFamily Guild Meets the Eyeless”

This story is a result of @TheTheronShan’s absentmindedly thrown “you must write a 1000-word essay” somewhere in the guild chat when we failing to take the Eyeless down.

All named characters used with written (in the chat) permission of their owners.


Trîbbles — @TheTheronShan

Ungolia — @JLSigman

Ayy Amersu — @ethuiliel

Aenyssa — @celyntheraven

Sanne Amare — @Sanne_leetz

Mike Quinn — @ruminspector

and others.

The stench was vomit-inducing.

“Someone please remind me why we agreed to do this?” Nayel growled.

Aeny giggled behind him, simultaneously generously placing everyone in purple bubbles.

“Because no one else can,” Trîbbles answered.

The unmistakeable rasp clicking of rakghouls surrounded them. They were everywhere. Little disgusting creatures that could easily turn you into one of their own with one small scratch you’d barely notice.

Belatedly, Nayel realised he hadn’t any vaccines on his person. “Healer, heal thyself,” he muttered under his breath.

Someone coughed behind him.

The monstrosity was in the middle of the cave, pacing slowly back and forth. For a moment Nayel wondered what kind of senses this animal had not to walk into walls, and then why it didn’t have eyes. After all, the cave was not pitch black, so there was no reason for—

Never mind. There was no reason in all this at all. Not evolutionary, anyway.

Glowy, fluorescent plants growing all around the place gave enough light to see clearly. It could be even considered pretty with luminescent flora, lamp-like mushrooms, if it only didn’t stink here so badly. A few dark corners undoubtedly hid more yukky, and Nayel was certain sooner or later — sooner most likely — they’d have a stinky pleasure of meeting yukky face to face, claws to claws.

Someone charged the Eyeless. Nayel missed who, but he was certain it was Trîbbles. That hothead was always the first one, and required more work to keep her alive. Not that Sanne wanted to give up on grabbing the title “Sith that is the Sorcerer’s greatest PITA”, as became obvious very quickly.

For the first few seconds everything seemed to go smoothly, but soon after that went down the road straight to a disaster. The Eyeless started spitting all over the place, often placing his foul green goo right on his targets. No bubbles in the galaxy would help anyone with that.

As if pools of slippery snot wasn’t bad enough, hordes of loud rakghouls dug their way up from the ground, and attacked everyone at random. Nayel tried to ignore them, having faith in his team mates to take them down before he would succumb to their attacks. A kolto probe hovered around him. Mike bravely spread his attention between killing and healing.

Nayel felt his heals help little to none, as everyone’s was under constant attack. Mike passed by him again, leaving another kolto probe behind before proceeding to stab the big foot where it hurt most.

Not that the creature seemed to be bothered by any of this.

Ungolia’s furious growl drew his attention to the Eyeless. “Oh, blast,” he muttered. The creature seemed like be ready to just…yup! Jump!

Everyone spread not to be crushed by the massive weight of the mutant.

“Why do they always grow so huge?” Ayy Amersu asked no one in particular.

“What? You don’t appreciate your face in their butts?” Nayel laughed, drawing dark force to heal her wounds.

“Not my favourite thing to look at, no.”

“Sorry, don’t have a heal for that.”

“Stop hitting on her, and get back to work!” Aeny shouted toward them.

Twi’leks,’ he thought, ‘jealous of one another.’ “I can do both!” he protested, eyeing them both.

Sanne fell unconscious before he finished his sentence. Aeny’s look told him better than any words could what she thought.

Embarrassed, he concentrated on his work.

However, concentration wasn’t enough. Between constant attacks of underground rakghouls, and glue-like spittle, Nayel spent as much time running around avoiding pools of disease, fending off little stinky nuances, and trying to stay in one piece, as attempting to keep the remaining standing team on their legs. Not that many of them still were.

A sudden attack of cough paralysed him completely. Unable to breathe, he felt like his lungs were just about to be coughed out of his chest. He barely registered Ungolia falling next to him not to stand back up. Aeny was down too. Looking around to check who was still up, he noticed foul, green, pulsing warts or growths on his shoulder. He barely regained his balance, when another attack of vicious cough immobilised him. ‘I’m useless in this condition,’ he thought.

The Eyeless suddenly lost interest in the team. They were all down, so maybe the monstrosity was unable to detect them any longer. Did it find its way — and pray — by sensing movement?

Helping each other, then managed to drag their bums to a safe place in the cave far from any rakghouls.

“Ugh,” Nayel blurted, looking at his shoulder. “I need to get some vaccines.”

“Want mine? I have a spare,” Sanne offered, trying to clean mud off her outfit.

“Thanks, but you’ll need it later. I’ll just —” A cough attack interrupted him. “ — get some myself at the medical post at the entrance to the tunnels.”

He headed toward the brighter exit, but stopped again, as another wave of spit-out-lungs cough enveloped him. He fell to the ground, supporting himself with on hand, holding the other to his mouth.

Somehow he managed to drag himself to the medic. The vaccine immediately removed the annoying effects of infection. He bought a few more for others.

He pressed his communicator. “I’m all set, returning.”

We’ll do it another day,” Trîbbles replied.

“What? Why?”

We need to prepare better,” Aeny added.

He felt like tearing his ear piece out of his ear, throwing it on the ground, and smashing with his heel. He didn’t like giving up. However, he swallowed his disappointment.

The end

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