“Brothers Be Brothers” (Mili, Malavai, Attira)

Note: The ficlet takes place shortly after Malavai Quinn joined his wife on Odessen.



“Mali, can you check this out?” Mili asked his brother, handing him a datapad.

“Naturally, Commander.” On duty. Mili bit his lip. “Sorry, Major.”

But the damage had been already done. Attira’s head rose slowly, as she suspiciously glared at Mili. “What did you call him?” she asked slowly.

“When I was very young, ‘Malavai’ was too difficult for me to pronounce. So was ‘Milivai’, to be fair. So I called him Mali, and introduced myself to my toddler friends as Mili. It stuck. Why?”

“You just gave her ammunition to tease me,” Malavai sighed, raising his hand to his forehead, and shaking his head with fake exasperation.

“What’s wrong… Mali,” Attira smirked, then giggled.

“I… I’ll just get back to my duties.” Mili slowly backed out, amused by their behaviour.

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