January 2018

"Journey" (Nayel, Theron)

Note 1: Takes place right before the fight with Vaylin in Chapter 8 of KOTET. Note 2: A part of “one-word prompts” project. ___ The crack of Vette’s neck being […]

Hatinn and Cytharan Hatinn and Cytharan are twins, and younger brothers of the Dark Council member, Nim’loth. Their family had been enslaved by the family’s enemies, so all three siblings […]


Culber   Very powerful with the Force since early childhood, Culber grew up on Tython among the Jedi. In spite of strict training, he never let go of his feelings, […]

Note: The story takes place shortly after the finale of the Jedi Knigh story. It’s a part of “One-word prompts” project. ______ Culber paced around the room, fuming with barely […]