Hatinn and Cytharan

Hatinn and Cytharan

Hatinn and Cytharan are twins, and younger brothers of the Dark Council member, Nim’loth. Their family had been enslaved by the family’s enemies, so all three siblings were born as slaves, then separated. Nim’loth grew to power, and finally sat among the greatest Sith in the Dark Council, where she met Nayel.

Cytharan was still a toddler, when he rescued by a Republic smuggler, who took him to Tython for training as a Jedi. He knew nothing about his roots.

Hatinn survived Korriban, and after his sister’s death shortly after the Eternal Fleet invaded the Sith Empire, he joined the Alliance.

Cytharan was recruited not much later after that. The brothers met for the first time. Neither had been aware he had a twin. Hatinn told Cytharan all about his family and its history.


Assassin, DPS
Darth Malgus

Sage, Healer
Darth Malgus

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