Iokath Dailies Guide

Disclaimer: There are probably as many ways of Iokath dailies runs, as many players doing them. There is no right or wrong way. You may start with this guide, and work out a way that fits your playstyle better. This guide simply presents you my way with some tips.


1. First thing to help you deal with the dailies efficiently is to understand some dailies are friends. That means you do an activity, and work toward completing several of the dailies simultaneously.

“Clearing the Path” means kill 50 droids. “Walking the Walk” means kill 40 droids as a walker. “Mend a Broken Shard” means kill droids and loot them for 50 shards. All these can be done in one go. Killing them as a walker is a lot faster than on foot, especially if you’re not a DPS spec.

Additionally, when hunting the droids, you can choose a path that would take you to most distant scanning points of “Scouting Iokath”. (Note: you can’t scan in a walker/mouse/monitor form.)

“Taking Care of Caretakers” requires to kill caretaker droids: it’s the humanoid ones, but don’t confuse them with the purification droids in the factory. “Subverting the Tower droids” consists of two elements: shutting down consoles, and killing 25 droids. Depending on a given choice of missions for the day, it can be combined with any of the other “kill droids” mission. The tower is also full of caretaker droids, so a convenient place to get this kill done.

2. Some missions are not worth doing as dailies. You can do them, if you like them, or once for achievements, but adding them to your daily (weekly) routine would slow your progress. Those missions are: the Colossus (which requires at least 3 players), and “Meek and Mighty” – the mission where you destroy the enemy walker with a mouse droid (very unforgiving to mistakes, so you can easily fail; however after it was fixed in one of recent patches, it is possible to solo it).

3. If you prefer to run the weekly in one go, pick some missions up one day, then return the next day, pick more, then complete them. If possible, pick “friends” to complete the weekly faster. The dailies have 2 reset times:

a) 12 AM GMT: a new set of dailies is offered;

b) 12 PM GMT: the dailies reset (although remain the same), so you can pick them up again (if you completed them before 12 PM GMT, you can’t have the same mission twice in your log), and do them again.

Depending on your time zone, you can also be able to work your completion of the weekly around those reset times.



1. Let’s start from the emitters series. There are three kinds of those: plasma emitters you must disable in the enemy territory (“Systems Offline (Empire)/(Republic)”), laser emitters you must activate (“Systems Go (Empire/Republic)”), and laser emitters you must shut down (“Disarm”). If you’re not sure what you’re doing, just click them all. If it’s the wrong one, the game will tell you that “you can’t use this item”. But at least you won’t miss anything.

Laser emitters to shut down (“Disarm”) are scattered all over the Expanse and in the Tower. But there is a place where you can get all 4, so completing the mission would take you… 15 seconds? While at it, you can complete another mission: “Systems Offline (Empire)/(Republic)”, because the first will take you to the enemy side of the map.

The path from the Imperial base to the transporter for “Disarm”, and then to the Pub side for “Systems Offline (Empire)”.

This is where you disarm the Pub emitters for the Imperial mission Systems Offline (Empire)”.

The path from the Republic base to the transporter for “Disarm”, and then to the Imp side for “Systems Offline (Republic)”.


2. There are 3 missions at the Tower. While “Disrupting the Network” can be taken any day, it’s best to do “Defend the Docking Ring” and “Subverting the Tower Droids” together.

Go to the Tower:

The map of terminals (I may have forgotten one or two red ones).

And the path I usually take:

The good news is, it’s instanced, so once killed droids don’t respawn.


3. Another pair of friends are: “Systems Go (Empire/Republic)” and “Detect and Destroy (Empire/Republic)”. You don’t have to do them together, but it’s convenient to do that.

Note: it’s better to do “Systems Go (Empire/Republic)” when it’s not a current daily (not a mission for pickup ‘today’), because merely 2 players trying to complete it at the same time can cause a headache for each.

First you need to pick up your remote. Look for a terminal with a big, handsome holo monitor floating above it.

You’ll have to pay for your monitor, but all those currencies will be “returned” to you with commission as rewards.

Once you’re turned into a monitor, you have a number of abilities to use. You really need 2.

1. This is your shoot button. It’s deals over 50+K damage. After you shoot, you are disabled to 10 seconds, when you can’t do anything.

2. This is your heal buttons. It’s a channelled self-healing ability that brings your health back to full.

5. It’s your disconnect button. Don’t press it, until you’re done with both missions. Unlike the walker, where after ejecting you are where you were, monitor is a remote, so after disconnecting you’re back at the base in front of the terminal. If your mission is not finished, you have to go back to complete it.

3. A slow, small heal. You won’t need it, if you do things right.

4. A shield. Again, not of much use, unless you get yourself in serious trouble.


4. The missions at the Weapons Factory and nearby: Monitoring the Situation”, “Powering Up the Weapons Factory”, and “Time to Vent”. You have such good friends here that they could be twins Monitoring the Situation”“Powering Up the Weapons Factory”. The marker sends you upstairs for the cameras, and downstairs for monitor mini-game, but the lovely truth is you can do both downstairs.

If you have all three missions, you can plant camera in both rooms, because the “camera room” takes you outside for venting. If you have the twins, most time effective is to complete them in one room. Fewer trash mobs to fight.

Now you just need to go outside, and click fast-respawning clickies.

This one looks poorly placed, but you still can click it.

Other missions should be fairly straight forward.

I hope this guide helps someone in running Iokath weeklies faster, more efficiently, and less painfully. For me, they’re the favourite of all 🙂