Sketch Commissions


1. Commissions are accepted via e-mail at . You may enquire initially through different media, but the final exchange should be done by e-mail (it’s easier for me to track all important info that way, and reference pictures (and your final artwork!) won’t get compressed to smaller sizes, like e.g. Twitter does).

2. I accept commissions after the initial discussion. Mostly to know if I can draw what you what.

3. Payment within 3 days after issuing an invoice through Paypal in GBP (£). The final drawing is sent only if the payment was paid in full. Please wait for the invoice, because the invoice Paypal e-mail address and the contact e-mail address are not the same.


What I draw:

Digital pencil sketches / Portraits of people: fictional characters, OCs, etc. (Examples:,

While I may dabble in other things, I don’t feel confident enough to offer them as commissions. Hopefully, “not yet”.

The process:

I need at least one (preferably more) good reference pictures. I send you the first sketch for review.

Other stuff:

1. I’m most familiar with Star Trek (in a broad sense) and Star Wars (mostly, Star Wars: The Old Republic video game) fandoms.

2. I may post some of commissions here on dA as examples of my work.


1 character: £15.

1 more additional character (two in one picture, example: + £10.

(What’s that in your currency? A rough converter)